What to Buy

We are asked all the time, “What kind of new computer do we need to get?” Our technology recommendations are the option that has the best bang for the buck, while still offering the longevity of life we would look for, for ourselves.

Don’t sell yourself short and cut corners. That, “It has to be replaced already?” feeling arrives much sooner. There are only so many years of productive use with any computer. The extra cost up front can extend the time for that undesirable angst to set in.

A solid state drive or SSD is the best investment in an individual computer component in recent years. Newer processors offer better power efficiency and increased performance, so getting last years model will cost more all around in the long run.

For servers, redundancy is the key to minimizing downtime. Have two or more of everything if you can. Up to and including the server itself.

Let us take care of all of your network and technology needs for you. We will ensure a steadily productive environment with minimal calls for hardware support.